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    Share your product/prototype before 30th July and get 6 months free access!

    If you share your Product or Prototype with us before 30th of July, you will enjoy 6 months free access of our database. Product manufacturers gain unique opportunity to use this database as an additional sales channel and to get access to large pool of potential buyers. This database is a virtual trade fair attracting only relevant customers and it operates 24 hours a day! Researchers and developers get an overview of the recent prototypes and contacts to researchers developing them. Therefore it is easier to share, discover, compare and exploit research and development results more efficiently.

    Reduce heat loss of buildings by 60% with ENERGY 2020 gun foam!

    Is ideal for energy-efficient buildings. Efficiently and permanently eliminates thermal bridges. Can reduce heat loss of buildings by 60%. Excellent insulating properties have been confirmed by tests carried out by accredited research institute. Tytan O2 is a new generation of polyurethane foams, which during application does not release harmful substances MDI (isocyanate). Thanks to this innovation, the Tytan O2 foam is safer for users and for the environment. Low content of substances with MDI foams Tytan O2 has been confirmed by the Swedish Institute SP Provning Forskning Insitute.

    Gold Nanospikes: the future of surfaces?

    Excess Surface Energy at the Tips of Gold Nanospikes: From Experiment to Modeling.

    Recently we have included to our database a new Project of Assam University of India. The main goal of this project is to reduce surface free energy by Physicochemical aspects of anisotropic gold nanostructures. Physicochemical aspects of anisotropic gold nanostructures have been of considerable interest due to intrinsic shape-dependent phenomena that open up newer perspectives from nanoscale electromagnetism to basic thermodynamics since gold has a highly symmetric face-centered cubic (fcc) structure and usually tends to afford a spherical geometry to reduce surface free energy.

    Check the new Self Powered Smart Window system

    Motion-Driven Electrochromic Reactions for Self-Powered Smart window system

    The triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) was recently invented, which can effectively convert ambient mechanical energy into electricity to power up portable electronics. In this work, a self-powered smart window system was realized through integrating an electrochromic device (ECD) with a transparent TENG driven by blowing wind and raindrops. Driven by the sustainable output of the TENG, the optical properties, especially the transmittance of the ECD, display reversible variations due to electrochemical redox reactions. The maximum transmittance change at 695 nm can be reached up to 32.4%, which is comparable to that operated by a conventional electrochemical potentiostat (32.6%).

    Don’t loose VADBplus window, with Uw value up to 0,53W/m²K!

    VADBplus is one of the best products for your passive house, with a Uw value up to 0,53W/m²K. Hilzinger VADBplus is available in different window frames and glazings. VADBplus brings you 20 up to 118% more daylight as well as free sun energy. In the standard version the window system offers the security level RC2N. Also sound insulating is better than in other window systems. VADBplus is equipped with a fully concealed fitting. With its four sealing levels highest density classes are fullfilled.

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