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“Solar-Terra” module: high efficiency together with excellent aesthetics impact

A BIPV modules has been developed by ISSOL applying a layer of color to the inner face of the front glass, both perfectly homogenous and highly translucent, to let pass without much loss of the energy from sunlight, the sole source of power for high-performance solar cells placed underneath. PV module possessing semi-matt and traditional looking colored Terracotta.

Ideally, the "Solar-Terra" module is integrated into the roof and completely replaces the tile roof, its mounting system guaranteeing the same density as a traditional tile roof. A structured glass surface eliminates to a very large extent the reflections of ight considered untimely. In this way, the color is not impacted, even in case of very strong solar radiation.

You can have more detailed information of the Solar-Terra" module, together with the other high aesthetics impact BIPV modules White and Colorful, in the PV session of the database.