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    • December 10, 2018
      Our database for the energy efficiency solutions for buildings have been presented to the ECTP conference on the 13th and 14th November in Brussels. More than 170 stakeholders from the whole construction value-chain and representatives of the European Commission shared their experience and discussed how the EU construction industry is shaping a high-tech Sustainable Built Environment. EffiBUILDING ...
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    • October 12, 2018
      The Advanced Building Skins conference sheds light on the significance of the building skin, with a view to putting scientific know-how into practice. Q-Air was presented at the conference programme under title “Modelling 6-pane transparent façade system to optimize daylight and thermal performance” and displayed at the exhibition part of the two-day conference. The conference participants – ...
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    • September 21, 2018
      Our member Trimo, together with Kohlbecker, has launched an International Architecture Competition which invites architects and designers, both professional and students, to create a contemporary, vibrant and sustainable urban place for meeting, working and socialising by creating a building pavilion to be called Q-Air Point. Deadline is on 15th October 2018 and winner will be announced ...
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    • September 4, 2018
      Research and developmental efforts have been engaged in the race to develop zero energy and carbon free buildings in European cities. Due to the dual impact on both visual aesthetics and energy efficiency, façade technologies have naturally been a point of increasing interest within the Horizon 2020 framework, predominantly in the RIA and IA (Research ...
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    • June 27, 2018
      The Energy Efficient Buildings Committee of ECTP is pleased to share with you the 7th edition of the EeB PPP Project Review. This yearly publication presents the progress and results of 110 European research projects co-funded within the Energy efficient Buildings Public-Private Partnership (EeB PPP) under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) and 58 co-funded projects ...
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    • May 23, 2018
      A BIPV modules has been developed by ISSOL applying a layer of color to the inner face of the front glass, both perfectly homogenous and highly translucent, to let pass without much loss of the energy from sunlight, the sole source of power for high-performance solar cells placed underneath. PV module possessing semi-matt and traditional ...
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    • May 15, 2018
      A smart reversible window prototype has been developed and tested by Bergamo® Tecnoligie Spzoo in the framework of the A2PBEER project. The low emissivity windows have the E coating is either placed on the outer (max. solar gain, desirable in winter) or the inner side (min. solar gain, desirable in summer) of the glazed unit. ...
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    • April 20, 2018
      Q-Air is a unique single skin glass façade that offers all the performance and benefits of an active double skin façade.  A premium unitized glass curtain wall system, Q-Air uses an innovative, multi-chamber insulating core, which delivers exceptional energy efficiency, living and working comfort, aesthetics and economic benefits. Q-Air represents one of the leading European innovations, which is underlined by being selected and supported by Horizon 2020 ...
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    • March 22, 2018
      tSENSE is an advanced and versatile 3-in-1 transmitter designed for installation in the air-conditioned zone. It measures CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity in the ambient air accurately without need for additional compensation ─ true read eSENSE is a CO2 transmitter for climate control and fits directly on top of EU electrical junction box standards. The units ...
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    • March 14, 2018
      Q CELLS Monocrystalline modules has advantages which they make them competitive on the market. The Q CELLS Anti LID Technology eliminates light induced degradation (LID), which can greatly reduce system performance, almost completely. Other conventional monocrystalline solar cells will lose much of their initial performance, once exposed to sunlight. With Q.PEAK DUO-G5, Q.PEAK-G4.1 (2705/285, 300/310, ...
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