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    • November 6, 2017
      We are glad to share with you an important achievement of our most innovative sharing platform for the energy efficiency solutions of buildings. We have reached 100 prototypes available for consultation in our database related to the four macro categories windows, façade, photovoltaic modules and sensors. These prototypes represent the future of the technologies and innovations ...
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    • November 2, 2017
      From today, you can apply for funding in eight energy topics under the 2018-2020 Horizon 2020 Work Programme that are now open for proposal submission. The total available funding is €212.5 million. There are some interesting calls also for the energy efficeincy of buildings in particlar for BIPV solutions.  The topics open for applications are: – LC-SC3-RES-4-2018:  Renewable energy system ...
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    • October 30, 2017
      E+E Elektronik develops and manufactures a range of sensors and transmitters also for the building automation: EE10 is a high accuracy, long term stable humidity and temperature room transmitter designed for HVAC applications in residential and commercial buildings. EE150 is a compact, accurate and reliable transmitter for HVAC applications, available with analog current or voltage outputs for ...
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    • September 17, 2017
      According to SolarWorld, the company delivers modules that have greater than or equal to the nameplate rated power. SolarWorld guarantees a maximum performance degression of 0.7% p.a. in the course of 25 years, a significant added value compared to the two-phase warranties common in the industry. In addition, SolarWorld is offering a product warranty, which ...
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    • July 19, 2017
      The FP7 project Osirys has developed a serious of technologies to improve indoor air quality in new builds and restoration. The most promising prototypes are available in EffiBUILDING such as: Bio resins cladding panels: Pultruded profiles and infused cladding panels based on bio resins and reinforcement made of fused natural and glass fibres. Exterior Cladding System: ...
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    • June 6, 2017
      Ku Modules from Canadian Solar is an innovative cool module design based on Low Internal Current (LIC) module technology, considered the next generation of module technology. The Ku module portfolio consists of the following types: KuMax (144 cells), KuPower (120 cells), KuBlack (120 cells) and the corresponding double-glass KuDymond. They are available in both poly- and ...
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    • May 29, 2017
      The E4000 probe uses solid state and NDIR sensors that only require a replacement of the sensor module every 10 years. This technology allows extremely low operating costs. Sober and discreet design of the probe allows easy integration in renovation and in new constructions. The modular architecture allows the probe to interface with various standardized ...
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    • May 24, 2017
      GLASSX Inc. develops and markets façade products. The core of all GLASSX products is a thin layer of translucent Phase-Change-Material (PCM). At room temperature, 16mm (5/8 inch) of this material can absorb as much heat as a 250mm (10 inch) concrete wall. This unique characteristic makes it possible to replace solid walls with glass elements. It ...
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    • May 15, 2017
      The Energy Efficient Buildings Committee of ECTP is pleased to share with you the 6th edition of the EeB PPP Project Review 2017. This yearly publication presents the progress and results of 110 co-funded projects within the EeB PPP under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 and 45 co-funded projects ...
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    • May 10, 2017
      ENERGAID TC171 is a thermal insulation device used for structure's envelope, based on the active thermal insulation technology. It is inserted within panelings and coverage or roof cladding or façade cladding, during the prefabrication process. It finds application in the envelope of temperature controlled environments, such as food ageing, etc. It is activated by renewable ...
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